Dell R200

Intel Xeon dual core E3110 3.0 GHz processor


160 Gb Western Digital RE series enterprise class SAS drive

space for 2 3 1/2 hard drives

Will accept any SATA drives


Riser card with 2 PCI-E x8 slots--will accept full height cards

Dual Gb network connections

Windows Server 2019 Data Center w/Desktop Experience loaded for testing

would make a great Sophos or PfSense firewall

Runs quietly

4 available with slightly different riser cards  $150 @




Dell R210

An Intel quad core Xeon X3430 2.4 GHz processor


250 Gb Western Digital SATA drive

Built-in RAID system

Space for 2 3 1/2 hard drives


Riser card with 1 PCI-E slot--will accept full height cards

Dual Gb network connections on board

A third GB network card plugged into the riser card for remote access or standard network

Rear E-SATA port

On-board VGA video--front and rear connectors

Serial port

2 internal USB ports

2 front/2 rear USB ports

Updated to latest BIOS

Removable front bezel

Windows Server 2019 Data Center w/Desktop Experience loaded for testing

Runs quietly     4 available   $200 @






Dell R710

Dual quad core Xeon E5520 2.26 GHz processors with 16 threads


2 on-board SATA ports with RAID ability

PERC 61 H700 RAID card with 512 Mb memory card and external backup battery



Dual power supplies

2 riser cards:  1 with 2 PCI-E x4 slots and 1 with 2 PCI-E x8 slots

All slots will accept full height cards

6 300GB 15K RPM SAS drives

I set them up with 2 in a RAID 1 running Windows Server 2019 Data Center

w/Desktop Experience and 4 in a RAID 5. The backplane will also accept any SATA drives.   $400




For sale is a nice Chenbro RM21502 2U server chassis.

8 hot swap bays complete with all drive sleds

2 front USB ports

400 w power supply

Internal carriers for mounting a slim optical drive and a slim floppy or other device

This will accept MOBOs up to E-ATX, extended server boards   $150





Chenbro RM23508 2U server Chassis Dual PWS

8 hot swap drive bays complete with all drive sleds

This has a Mini-SAS back-plane which will accept all SAS and SATA drives

It has 2 Mini-SAS connectors for connecting to a MOBO or HBA/RAID card

For a MOBO or RAID card with SATA connectors a 36 pin REVERSE Mini-SAS breakout cable is required

For a MOBO or RAID card with Mini-SAS connectors a 36 pin Mini-SAS to MINI-SAS is required

2 front panel USB connectors

Internal brackets for holding 2 3 1/2" drives and one slim optical drive

Dual/redundant 820W (yes, eight hundred twenty) power supplies--will run on only one!

The removal handle on one supply is broken. No I/O shield

This DOES NOT come with the motherboard pictured, the DVD drive or the Mini-SAS cables

The case has quick-rail style studs for slide rail use    $225





For sale is my Chenbro RM41416 server case. It features:

16 hot swap bays complete with all 16 drive sleds

SATA backplane with 16 SATA connections

Carriers for full size DVD drive, slim DVD, and floppy or card reader in front panel

2 front panel USB ports

This will hold most any board up through extended ATX server boards

Triple modular power supplies 2+1, each rated at a true 350 W

I have been running 8 drives and 2 6 core processors on only one supply with no issues

The entire power supply cage/backplane and all 3 supplies are brand new. I upgraded to a newer 16 bay chassis (different sleds to match all my other servers)

but needed the old supply from this chassis as I had done some mods to it, so I installed the new one from the new chassis into here.


I will also include 2 spare drive sleds. This is a great case. My motto: Once you go rack you never go back.   $300




For sale is a nice Dell PowerConnect 2616 unmanaged Gigabit switch. All ports are 10/100/1000 and it comes with a set of

rackmount ears. Works as new.  $60





For sale are two DEll PowerConnect 5424 managed gigabit switches. They feature 24 ethernet ports and 4 SFP ports for copper or fiber adapters that

provide 48 Gbps for switching capacity and a 35.6 Mbps forwarding rate.

 Each has built in iSCSI storage optimization and VoIP VLAN with QoS management.


The PowerConnect 5424 offers multiple options and levels of security. Industry-standard features include Secure Shell/Secure Socket Layer (SSH/SSL)

Management Encryptions, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Snooping, IP and Media Access Control (MAC)-based access control lists (ACLs)

access password protection, and Port-based MAC Address alert and lock-down. Higher level security is provided through Remote Authentication Dial-In

User Service (RADIUS) for switch management access, 802.1x Authentication and TACACS+, and Management access filtering through Management Access Profiles.


They have been factory defaulted and are ready to be used as an unmanaged switch or configured for your specific needs. Communication is through the

serial port via putty of hyperterm or via the network to    $150 @




For sale are 7 refurbed Cisco Catalyst 3750 24 port POE managed switches, model WS-C3750-24P. They feature a web management interface where everything can be programmed and monitored. I am including a copy of Cisco's Network Assistant. With this you can customize every port, set Quality of Service, configure for Cisco IP phones, etc. There are 2 ports available for optional fiber modules.   $150 @




Cisco 1841 Router V5

 Comes with a 32 Mb flash card and T1 DSU/CSU card. 1DSU-T1 V2

Reset to factory defaults.





This is a Dell PowerEdge 860 1U server. It features:

Dual core 3.20 GHz processor

3 Gb ddr2 ECC RAM

On-board video--rear plus front connections

2 front/2 rear USB connections

On-board IDE connections

2 on-board SATA connections plus

SATA RAID card with 2 connections

Dual 160 Gb SATA drives

Will accept SATA or SAS drives

Dual GB network connections

Space for optical slim drive


This was used as a Sophos/Astaro firewall and will also work great as a PfSense firewall.

Has Windows Server 2019 Data Center w/Desktop Experience installed to test with drives set up in RAID 1  $100




For sale is a Netgear FVG318 Wireless VPN firewall. It has 8 ethernet ports and WIFI connectivity. Besides the router function it is a fully configurable firewall with built in VPN functionality. Comes with a power adapter. This was my firewall till I built a Sophos appliance.  $50






For sale is a nice Netgear FVS338 firewall/router. With 8 ports and a fully configurable firewall with VPN functionality

this is great for home or small office use. Comes with power adapter.  $40




This is a Netgear FS516 10/100 switch. It comes with rackmount ears.  $20




This is a Netgear FS516 16 port 10/100 switch. It comes with rackmount ears.  $20






For sale are 2 Juniper EX4200 series fully managed gigabit switches with 8 ports having POE. One does not have a power supply but works as it should. The other has one power supply. Both are capable of housing 2 power supplies for redundancy.


With PWS $100

Without PWS $80